لغتي العربية وأنا

‘Arabic and me’

2021 Arabic Language Competition

Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE) was established in 2017, funded by the NSW government to provide support for community languages schools.

The MLTA of NSW is a dedicated group of educators who are committed to furthering Languages Education in NSW. The association covers a range of languages and sectors.

هل تتعلم اللغة العربية؟

Are you learning Arabic?

هل عمرك بين 5 و 16 سنة؟

Are you aged between 5 and 16?

This competition is open to all students of Arabic in NSW, from Kindergarten to Year 10. There are prizes for the best entries for primary and secondary and community language school students.

Opening date: 15th February 2021
Closing date: 9th April 2021

?ماذا افعل

What do I do?

Category 1 – Years K-2

لغتي وأنا
Topic: ‘My Language and Me’

Draw and label a picture to show yourself and your languages. It could be just you, or you and your family or you in a special place. You must have at least one label in Arabic, but you can label in Arabic and/or English. Your artwork should be A4 size. Ask your teacher to scan it in for you and fill in the entry form to submit online.

Category 2 – Years 3 to 6

لماذا أحبّ تعلّم اللغة العربية.
Topic: ‘Why I like learning Arabic’

Make a PowerPoint, e-book or digital story about ‘Why I like learning Arabic’. Use English and simple Arabic phrases and sentences to describe why you like learning Arabic. Draw pictures and find visuals or photos. You can record your text or story and embed this in your PowerPoint, e-book or digital story. Maximum 6 slides or pages. Complete the entry form and upload your presentation online. You can do this by yourself or as a combined entry with one or two other students.

Category 3 – Years 7 to 10

لماذا أتعلم اللغة العربية؟
Topic: ‘Why I learn Arabic?’

Create an illustrated booklet or digital presentation (maximum 8 slides) with text in English or Arabic, OR a video clip (maximum 3 minutes) in English or Arabic on ‘Why I learn Arabic?’ The audience is other students of your age. Make your booklet or video clip interesting and also have a recorded text to go with it. Complete the entry form and upload your presentation online. You can do this by yourself or as a combined entry with one or two other students.

ما هي شروط الاشتراك؟

What are the rules?

Closing date – Monday 9th April 2021

There is a limit of SIX entries per category per school.

Attach a form for each entry.

All work must be the student’s original material (including images, audio, video and text).

Scan written entries and save them as PDF before you submit.

Teachers must complete a Permission to use student’s work form for each student and keep these at the school. The teacher must sign each entry.

هل توجد جوائز؟

Are there prizes?

Prizes for first, second and third places along with highly commended will be given for each age group.

1st Prize
for each category
$500 e-voucher

2nd Prize
for each category
$250 e-voucher

3rd Prize
for each category
$100 e-voucher

All students, teachers and schools will receive a certificate of participation. Winners will be announced in May 2021 at an awards ceremony and winning entries will be published on this website.

نموذج طلب الاشتراك

Entry Form

Entry form

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